Weddings at Cadogan Farm Estate

What is included in renting the venue?

Use of 200-acre elegant country estate, fabulous grounds, pond with dock, gazebo, beautiful barn, with pine-lined cocktail room. Barn and surrounding grounds are equipped with lots of electrical capacity, rustic picnic tables, elegant carriages, flower gardens, exclusivity and privacy.

Can you reserve the date?

Due to demand, we can’t reserve dates. Once your deposit is received the date is yours.

Do you provide alcohol?

If you are serving alcohol at your event, you are required to order through the LCBO and arrange delivery, plus obtain a “Special Occasion Permit” ($25.00). Usually the caterers will provide serving staff for the bar. You will also be required to obtain Liquor Liability Insurance (PAL- $2 million).

What if it rains and I cannot conduct my ceremony outside?

In the event of poor weather, you will have a Plan B, which should allow for your ceremony to move into the barn.

Can we toss confetti or flower petals at my ceremony?

You are welcome to toss outside only. Only biodegradable floral products can be used.

What type of washroom facilities do you have?

We have a wheelchair accessible indoor washroom with hot and cold running water. Other washroom trailers are brought in for your event. Luxury models available as an upgrade.

How long do we have for decorating prior to the ceremony and/or reception?

You will have plenty of access the day before, day of, and day after.

Are we allowed to bring candles?

Due to fire regulations, only battery-operated or floating candles within glass are permitted.

Where do my guests park?

We have a large parking area, adjacent to the Courthouse Barn.

Ceremony and Officiant

For the ceremony, you can choose from a few wonderful sites, such as on the dock with a natural amphitheatre or the forest glade with a beautiful rustic arbour. White wooden benches are available for the ceremony. Officiants are a very personal choice for couples and must be booked separately by you.


One of the most wonderful things about this property is the vast array of options for unique and gorgeous photographs. Couples are welcome to wander through the exterior estate with your photographer.

Do you offer catering?

In our “venue-only” rental package, the caterers are not included, and we highly recommend working with a caterer that is an expert in handling country events. You will find some of our best suggestions on the preferred vendors page. We are happy for you to bring in your own caterers, however, they will be required to follow our protocols. We do not charge extra for your own vendors.

If you are looking to book our “semi-inclusive” package, we work with our preferred caterers and the options can be selected by you to suit your requirements.

Do you provide security?

Yes, we offer professional security staff throughout the evening.

Do you have a contract with all the rules for use of the venue?

Yes, once you have decided that Cadogan Farm Estate is your perfect venue, your contract will be prepared.

Do you have anywhere for the bridal party to prepare?

We have an exclusive “Bridal Retreat” for the ladies to use throughout the afternoon on the day of the event. We also have a rustic fishing cabin for the groom’s party, complete with fishing equipment.

Do you have any accommodations nearby for the wedding party and guests?

We operate an award-winning Bed and Breakfast and can accommodate some guests. We can also recommend other partner B&Bs and hotels.