11 Tasty Ideas for Wedding Food Stations

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When you have a lot of guests to feed at your wedding, food stations are a great option! You can have a buffet-style dinner service, set out dessert tables with tons of goodies, or opt for a late-night snack bar to satisfy your guests’ midnight cravings. Depending on the schedule for your wedding day, the festivities could last over 10 hours, and you won’t want to hear growling stomachs! Whether you want to get fancy with a sushi or oyster bar, or keep it simple with nostalgic campfire treats, here are some of the best food station options available.

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Cheese & Meat Stations

Cheese stations are a traditional choice for wedding food buffets. The great thing about these stations is that there is something that everyone will love. Be sure to pair your cheeses with items that complement their tastes, such as dried or fresh fruits, chutneys, crackers or toast, and various meats. Your caterers can keep the styling simple and rustic by using wood and marble slabs to display food.

Sushi Bar

Sushi may be an unconventional choice for wedding food stations, but it will truly impress your guests. You can hire a chef to make fresh sushi rolls and nigiri all day or ask one of our preferred caterers at Cadogan Farm Estate to provide pre-rolled sushi, spring rolls, and noodles in mini take-out boxes.

Pizza Station

Just because it’s your wedding day doesn’t mean you need to go all out with fancy food. There are many other fun ways to feed your guests without breaking the bank. Pizza bars are an upcoming and popular choice at rustic wedding celebrations. You can encourage your guests to design their own pizza that reflects their personalities or make your own that reflects you and your spouse. You can also pick your favourite pizza flavours and have our caterers create mini pizzas or provide flat bread pizza slices for your guests to pick up and go. The best part about a pizza station is that the food is easy to walk around with—just grab and go!

Gastro Pub Station

A popular midnight snack these days is to features some good ol’ fashioned pub food, such as hamburgers, French fries, onion rings, and chicken strips. Some couples even opt to get their favourite fast food delivered to the venue. Think about it: after a couple of hours of dancing, your guests are going to be hungry. Help your guests to fuel up so that they can get back to the dance floor in no time.

Baked Potato Station

Need to fill your guests’ appetites and want to stay in budget? A baked potato station is a great option! All you need to do is have your caterers provide the baked potatoes and set aside all the toppings your guests will need: sour cream, chives, minced beef, bacon, cheese, and anything else you would like!

Mimosa Station

Food stations are not just about the food! You can also use this model to serve your cocktails and drinks! For a mimosa table, you can provide a variety of juices and fruit. You can also swap out the champagne for wines and encourage your guests to make their own sangria.

Popcorn Station

One of the easiest and most affordable food stations to set up is a popcorn station. Weddings all around the world are including these fun snack bars at their weddings. You can keep it simple with butter and salted popcorn or go wild with different flavours like cheddar cheese, caramel, cinnamon toast, peanut buttercup, or sweet and sour. The options are endless!

Dessert/Patisserie Station

Cake or dessert tables are also a great way to include traditional desserts and provide sweet treats throughout the day. These can be done as a fun DIY project or you can ask our caterers to handle the baking for you. On this dessert table you can include everything from cupcakes, to donuts, to tarts and mini pies, to brownies, and much more! You can even create a s’mores station where guests can make their own treats. If you plan to serve cookies, provide small glasses of milk to go with them. These little sweets will excite your guests and keep them in a good mood as the sugar rush hits them.

Waffle Station

Another fun and delicious dessert option is to include a waffle station at your wedding. Is there any other way to provide your guests with a sweet and fluffy treat? Serve your waffles fresh with a side of toppings ranging from fresh fruit and ice cream, to Nutella and peanut butter, and even honey. Don’t forget the hot fudge!

Gelato Station

Let’s face it, it isn’t summer without gelato, and if you plan to get married in the summer, you can include a gelato station! You can hire an ice cream truck to provide gelato for your guests or, if you plan to eat indoors, serve it as a dessert option. Our caterers can lay out tubs of your favourite gelato on the day of your wedding and create a little sundae bar by laying out a selection of delicious toppings.

Colourful Ice Pops

Lastly, a fun option for a summertime wedding is a colourful ice pop food station! They may not last long outside in the sun, but if you are serving your food indoors, it is the perfect choice. You can ask your caterers if they provide these treats or make your own! You can purchase a big box of Freezies or popsicles to keep it simple, or create your own pops using yogurt, juice, and fruits!

Explore the Flavours at Cadogan Farm Estate

There are many ways you can handle the food portion of your wedding: you can hire your own independent caterers, have friends and family bring food in a potluck style, or you can make it all yourself. All these options can be time-consuming and expensive, but there is a more practical way to ensure your guests’ appetites are satisfied all day long. If you’re looking for the right wedding venue and catering package, look no further than Cadogan Farm Estate.

We are a premium bed and breakfast wedding venue in the GTA. We cater to couples looking for a unique and elegant country farm barn venue to host the wedding of their dreams. When it comes to food, we want to serve our clients the best, which is why we work with quality and experienced catering companies like Gourmandissimo, Howard’s Fine Foods Catering, Feast Your Eyes, and Dufflet Queen of Cakes. For more information about our menu options and to book an appointment, call us at (905) 584-0955, or send us an e-mail.


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