Common Misconceptions about Wedding Venues

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Barn Wedding VenueIf you’re looking for a barn wedding venue near you, you’re not alone. Barns and farms have become the latest trend for unconventional wedding venues, and with the popularity of Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram, more couples are making this choice because it allows them to customize and create the location of their dreams. As exciting as it is to plan your special day in a rustic spot outside the busy city, there are some important aspects to consider. Unlike traditional venues, barns were not originally intended to host wedding parties. Because of this, there are a lot of misconceptions about farm wedding venues. But the truth is, as long as you find the right venue that is willing to accommodate your needs, there’s no reason why you can’t have the most enchanting wedding you can imagine. Here’s how Cadogan Farm Estate is unique when it comes to barn wedding venues near Toronto.


Myth #1: Barn/Farm Wedding Venues Are Expensive

Although many people believe non-wedding venues are more affordable, they can be equally expensive. Some barn venues may require that you provide your own decorations, catering, power generators, chairs, tables, dishes, tablecloths, bathrooms, power equipment, etc. These additions can add up quickly and take up a big space in your budget. At Cadogan Farm Estate, our packages are more inclusive. Aside from our stunning venue, we offer coordination consulting, catering, and basic rentals. We work with many preferred vendors like Gourmandissimo, Mango Studios, Marvelle Events, Feast Your Eyes, Willer Music, and more. In the end, by working with consummate professionals, you will maximize the opportunities and may even save on your budget due to industry insider discounts. Unlike other barn venues that only charge for the venue itself (although we do offer a venue-only package if that’s what clients prefer), we offer numerous services to save you costs elsewhere.

Myth #2: Barns Don’t Have a Lot of Space for Guests

While it’s true that barns were not originally designed to host weddings, they were designed house livestock or crops. This means that there is more space than you might think to hold tables, chairs, music equipment, and a dance floor area. At Cadogan Farm Estate, our barn can fit up to 200 people with room to spare. The Courthouse Barn features 17-ft.-high ceilings and pine beams, and with great views of the beautiful grounds through the large doors, your guests can enjoy the outdoors, whilst remaining comfortable in the spacious barn interior.

Myth #3: Farm/Barn Wedding Venues Don’t Have Electricity and Bathrooms

Many barn wedding venues in Toronto don’t have the plumbing or septic ability for your guest count and they are not equipped with the power to support your audiovisual setup. This means that you will need to rent bathroom trailers and spend a good chunk of money to provide facilities/electricity to your guests. When looking for farm wedding venues in Ontario, Cadogan Farm Estate is unique. We provide modern facilities with electricity, elegant trailer washrooms (including a wheelchair accessible room), and other amenities such as our exclusive Bridal Suite for the bride and her ladies and our Rustic Fishing Cabin for the groomsmen to get ready for the big day.

Myth #4: Barn Weddings Can Also Turn into a Destination Wedding

This is true to an extent, minus the hefty price tag. It might sound like a dream come true to invite friends from far away to relax for the weekend and have your barn wedding become a destination wedding. However, many Caledon wedding barns do not have the accommodations or space to hold guests travelling from afar. Cadogan Farm Estate offers a beautiful B&B on site and a Courthouse apartment rental, so your guests can stay the weekend and enjoy the peacefulness of the countryside. We are also situated close to nearby accommodations should your guests want to stay offsite. A Caledon barn wedding is a more affordable option for a destination wedding, compared to spending many more thousands on a Caribbean cruise or Eurotrip.

Myth #5: Barn Wedding Venues Have Too Many Restrictions

Since barns were not originally intended for weddings, you may find that some farms have animals, fruits, workers, and bugs. The grounds could be organic and there could be areas that guests are not allowed to go. At Cadogan Farm Estate, although we consider our property a working horse farm, our wedding amenities are located far enough away that our animals would not interfere with your celebration. The estate is a massive 200-acres, so there is lots of room. We encourage guests to peruse the venue’s grounds at their leisure. We also always offer security personnel to prevent uninvited guests from crashing your party and to help maintain the privacy and safety of your event.

Choose a Barn Wedding Venue Near Toronto, ON

There are a lot of points to consider before planning your special day at a farm or barn. The reality is that many locations may not be equipped or be legally allowed as a venue to host your wedding and you may have to be prepared to rent a lot of expensive equipment and facilities to accommodate your guests. However, at our beautiful barn wedding venue in Caledon, we are prepared to accommodate you and your guests. If you are looking for a beautiful place to have your wedding that also has the amenities and equipment you need, consider Cadogan Farm Estate.

We are a premium wedding and event venue in Caledon—one of Ontario’s most beautiful areas, Caledon was recently voted as one of the top honeymoon destinations by Expedia. We cater to couples looking for a unique and elegant country farm barn venue to host the wedding of their dreams. Situated on a huge horse farm estate and featuring idyllic ponds, gorgeous gardens, and an array of amenities that are unrivalled in the industry, our country-chic venue is the perfect backdrop for your special day. We offer exclusive access and total privacy, so you can have an intimate event with your loved ones. For more information and to book an appointment, call us at (905) 584-0955, or send us an e-mail at

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