How to Choose Your Wedding Menu

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Did you know that one of the most memorable aspects of a wedding is the wedding menu? The food served at weddings is one of the things guests remember most. Caterers and event teams have begun to offer more culinary options to suit various tastes, preferences, and to accommodate food intolerances and allergies. From a grand buffet to steak and seafood options, to humble barbeques and finger foods, the kind of food you choose has a big impact on your guests’ enjoyment. Unfortunately, with refined guest tastes and rising expectations comes more decisions and planning. Narrowing it all down can feel like a difficult and overwhelming task. To prevent you from getting in over your head, here are some ideas to consider when choosing your wedding menu.

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Wedding Menu Ideas to Consider


One of the first things to consider when choosing your menu options is how much of your wedding budget you can dedicate to food. Whether you order in food from various caterers or are working with the team at your venue, discuss with them the different types of foods you want to include, and which kinds would work best for your budget. Once you have chosen a range to work within, give yourself a 10% buffer for unexpected additions.


Number of Guests

As with the budget, the number of guests you invite will also affect your food options. Unless you are well-prepared to do so, you may not be able to serve a four-course meal with steak and seafood for a wedding of 200 people. Consider how many people you want to invite as you make your budget. In general, you could be paying between $40 and $80 per plate, and even more depending on the food options you want. Remember that although food is important, you don’t need to go overboard with fancy options. Going overboard with your food options when you have a big wedding guest list will only add to the stress on your big day.


Consult and Trust Your Caterer

Perhaps one of the most important considerations in selecting a caterer, is whether they are able to create a memorable and delicious meal service in the venue of your choice. In this, not all caterers are equal. It’s important to make sure your wedding food options are things that you and your guests would enjoy, but it is also important to consult and trust the advice of your caterer. Find one that is in line with your own standards, but remember that they have experience and insight into what works and doesn’t work for weddings.



Once you have selected your caterer, a great way to find out if your guests will enjoy your menu options is to request a tasting of your menu. Ask your caterer beforehand if this is something they offer, as most wedding caterers do. This is also one of the fun parts of the planning process!


Comfort Food

Is there ever a time when comfort food isn’t wanted? Your wedding day is no exception! Whether you choose fine Continental Cuisine or South Asian options, there are tons of ways to include mouthwatering “feel good” foods at your wedding. These personal and familiar touches will please everyone in your party and increase their enjoyment of your day.


Mix It Up

Providing options can help you satisfy the requirements and tastes of all your guests. If you offer plated dinners, give your guests a tableside choice entrée. This means your guests can choose from the options you provided in the menu and the servers will provide those specific requirements to each guest. Asking guests ahead of time for their choices of selected entrees will allow you to be more specific when working with your caterer, and will save time, money and possible disappointment, if one choice proves more popular than another. Or, go for the buffet option and have tables go up in groups for a more hands-off approach.


Fun Extras

Add-ons are a fun way to enhance your menu at your wedding. You can do this without breaking your budget, too! Limit yourself to two or three enhancements, such as miniature baked sweets and pastries.


Late Night Stations

Late night stations are popular and can really add an element of fun to the party. Items such as poutine, mac n’ cheese, and pork sliders are all welcome delights towards the end of the night.


Keep It Seasonal

A great way to stay within your budget and offer appropriate food options is to ensure your options are within season. Your caterer may already have considered this, but this is important to note if you have specific menu options in mind. You may find it more difficult to serve crab at your November wedding, than when seafood is in season.


Keep Dietary Restrictions in Mind

Keep in mind that some of your guests may have allergies or food intolerances. During your wedding planning, you can include a spot for dietary information from your guests in your invitations. This will prepare you with details on what you guests can and cannot eat so you can inform your caterer. When creating your menu, you can ask your caterer about vegetarian options for guests who don’t eat meat, and request special options for guests who have other food intolerances or allergies.


Make It Personal

Last, but not least, keep your menu personal! There’s no point in serving options that you and your future spouse do not like. Your personal tastes and what you like to eat are so important, as this is the first meal you will enjoy as a married couple. Don’t compromise on the steak option because your aunt is a vegetarian—it’s good to provide options, but don’t eliminate something the two of you will enjoy.


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