How to Plan a Destination Wedding: 10 Tips to Consider

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Planning a destination wedding takes a lot of work—you, your future spouse, your friends, your family, and your bridal party must pack everything (ensuring you don’t leave anything important behind!) and fly to your destination to prepare and set up. Plus, you need to ensure you have a valid passport to travel. There’re so many details that need to be perfectly coordinated to prevent a disaster from happening that planning a destination wedding can easily become an overwhelming experience. Instead of spending all that money, time, and energy on a destination wedding overseas, why not experience the same luxury and relaxation a little closer to home—as in a short drive away from Toronto? Choosing a destination wedding venue in Caledon, Ontario allows you to perfectly blend a rustic venue with picturesque surroundings—no passport or flights required. How is this possible? We’ve got tips to help you find out of the perfect venue to host your destination wedding.

Check the Calendar

When you’re choosing your wedding date, don’t forget to check the calendar. Don’t plan it on a day when there is a conflicting holiday or another event that could be drawing in tourists and visitors to the area. Choosing a busy day means more traffic, delays, and higher risk of issues coming up on your wedding day. It’s also important to consider your guests—if you get married off-season or on a holiday, there may not be accommodations available for guests who want to make it a full weekend trip. Or worse, they may already have other commitments and not be able to join you on your special day.


Pick the Perfect Destination

Your wedding destination determines several things: the mood, travel time, and budget required to make the day happen. You should choose a place that reflects you and your future spouse’s shared style and passions, so your guests have lasting memories that make them say, “That wedding was so perfect for them!”


Hire a Local Wedding Planner

There’s nothing wrong with getting help to plan your wedding. In fact, a wedding planner can help bring your personal vision to life. They are experts at considering the things you love and want to include in your wedding and putting the pieces together to create the perfect day for you. Some wedding venues provide wedding packages that help make the planning process easier for you. They may include accommodations, catering and beverage services, decorations, and more. These services can help you navigate the often-confusing aspects of wedding planning, to make the process more enjoyable and less stressful for you.


Notify Guests Well in Advance

When planning a destination wedding, it’s important to let your guests know well in advance. They need time to schedule time off work, make travel arrangements, and plan their overnight stay if they are driving from afar. The great part about a wedding venue in Caledon, is that it is tucked away in the beautiful country, but easily accessible from the main highways and Toronto Airport. Guests won’t have too much difficulty getting to your venue, and you can enjoy that “getaway” feeling.


Embrace the Setting to Save Money

You can save a lot of money on decor if you choose a venue that is naturally beautiful and that is situated in a beautiful location. Wedding venues in Caledon are surrounded by nature, beautiful trees, ponds, flowers, birds and the serenity that only the most natural country surroundings can provide.


Extend Your Stay

Turning your wedding into a destination vacation is a great way to enjoy your honeymoon! Wedding venues in Caledon are perfect for this—they have beautiful surroundings for you and your spouse to enjoy quiet walks and time in nature together. You can also enjoy the comfortable accommodations of the venue’s luxury bed and breakfast! Talk about a perfect, elegant, and easily-accessible, destination wedding!


Consider Your Guests

As you plan your wedding, keep your guests in mind. How many people need accommodations for the night? Will they need a certain number of parking spaces? Can the venue hold the number of people you wish to invite? Do they have menu options for people with dietary restrictions? Are there hotels nearby that you can book for them? Considering how to make your guests as comfortable as possible during your wedding will help everyone have a great time.


Visit in Advance

It is always recommended to visit your wedding destination before you make a commitment. It’s a good idea to request a tour and walk around the premises, see what it would feel like to get married there. You really need to understand everything there is available and what’s included. Not all venues are equal, in what they can offer you. Find out if they offer an Open House Day, so you may visit and get the feel of a real event.


Consider the Budget

One of the benefits of choosing a destination wedding in the province is that your guests won’t have to fly in or out. Your personal budget may be able to accommodate a flight, but you may drastically limit the number of people who can attend your event and cause a financial strain on family and friends who cannot afford to travel. You should also consider your own budget. There are beautiful locations to choose for your wedding just a short drive away from home—take the opportunity to consider all your options and choose a venue that works best for everyone.


Time It Right

Unfortunately, Canadian weather can be temperamental, so choosing the right date for your wedding will take some consideration. While some couples don’t mind a little rain or wind on their wedding day, it can really cramp your style if you want the perfect sunny day. Choosing a venue that has indoor and outdoor options is the perfect way to avoid this stress as you plan your wedding. You can enjoy great weather during the ceremony outside, with cocktails out on a patio then follow with reception and dancing inside. Or, switch it up!


Your Perfect Destination Wedding Venue in Caledon, Ontario

If you are looking for a beautiful destination to celebrate your special day, look no further than Cadogan Farm Estate. We are a premium wedding and event venue in Caledon, one of Ontario’s most breathtaking areas. We cater to couples looking for a unique and elegant country farm venue to host their wedding. Our venue is situated on a 200-acre horse farm estate, and our amenities are unrivalled in the industry. We offer exclusive access and total privacy so you can have an intimate event with your loved ones. For more information and to book an appointment, call us at (905) 584-0955 or send us an e-mail.

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