What to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Venue

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Choosing the right wedding venue is one of the first big decisions you will make while planning your wedding. The venue you choose will set the tone for your special day and allow all your visions to come to life. There are so many options to choose from, so where should a couple start? First, you need to make sure your venue meets your needs and budget, which is why choosing to make a wedding venue checklist is essential. Whether your goal is to find an outdoor wedding venue, or a farm wedding venue in an area like Caledon, Ontario, we can help you make your vision a reality. Check out our wedding venue selection checklist below!

Checklist for Choosing a Wedding Venue

Theme of Your Wedding

Your venue can either make or break the theme of your wedding, so you’ll want to choose a location that works with your theme. For something modern and flashy, like a classy Hollywood-theme, boutique hotels are a great venue option. But if you want a more classic wedding that exudes Canadian country elegance, consider a farm venue complete with grazing horses, manicured gardens, and a serene pond.

choosing a wedding venue checklist


Wedding Venue Style

Do you want your wedding to feel formal, casual, or somewhere in between? Will it be held at night or during the day? Do you want the ceremony to be indoors or outdoors? Do you want to have a garden ceremony or serve gourmet food at the reception? The venue you choose should match your style, whether that is traditional, rustic-chic, contemporary, or bohemian.


Deciding if you want a venue close to home or far away can have a large impact on your budget. Think about whether you want to have both your wedding ceremony and reception at the same location, or whether you want guests to travel a bit after you say your “I do’s.” Your location should always be suitable for you and your guests. Make sure it is accessible for your guests and that it has enough accommodations nearby (hotels, etc.) for guests who wish to spend the night.

Number of Guests

Although you don’t have to have your complete guest list ready at this stage, you should have an idea of how many guests you plan on inviting. Most venues request a rough estimate of guests about 60 to 90 days before your wedding date and will want a deposit based on that figure. Thinking of having 300+ guests? Then a banquet hall or event centre might be your best bet. Looking to have a more intimate wedding with less than 200 attendees? Why not consider a destination or outdoor wedding?

Weather Factor

Depending on what time of year you are planning your wedding, weather could be a big factor. This is especially important to consider if you’re having part or all of your event outdoors. For summer weddings, you may want to consider scheduling your ceremony in the evening, when the air is cooler, and the sun is setting. If your ceremony will be during the day, you can help guests dress appropriately for the weather by suggesting they bring sunglasses, hats, or sunscreen. Celebrating under sunny skies with a cool breeze is fine, but what if it rains on your special day? Ask the venue coordinator whether they have a Plan B should the weather be uncooperative, and you are forced to move your wedding indoors.

Permits & Privacy

If you are planning to have your wedding outdoors or in a public space, it may require permits. Make sure you get the necessary documents and do your research ahead of time because the last thing you want is the police shutting down your big day. You should also consider whether locals (who weren’t invited) will have access to the area during your wedding. Although public wedding areas might be spontaneous, you may have to deal with onlookers. Think about how private you want your event to be as you look for the right venue and ask whether the venue offers any form of security.

Special Requirements

Some places have strict rules and regulations regarding smoking, so if most of your guests smoke, you should choose a location that does not restrict it. If you’re planning to serve alcohol, make sure it is allowed at the venue and find out if you need to get a license. If dancing and a live band are important to you, limit yourself to locations that can accommodate that. Make sure that you identify any special factors that are important to you and your guests before you sign a contract.

Your Outdoor Destination Wedding Venue in Caledon, Ontario

Are you planning on renting a rustic wedding venue? Are you coming in from out of town and want a destination wedding venue in Caledon, Ontario? If you are looking for a beautiful place to have your wedding and reception, consider Cadogan Farm Estate. We are a premium wedding and event venue in Caledon, one of Ontario’s most beautiful areas, located close to Toronto. We cater to couples looking for a unique and elegant country farm venue to host the wedding of their dreams. Situated on a 200-acre horse farm estate and featuring idyllic ponds, gorgeous gardens, and an array of amenities that are unrivalled in the industry, our country-chic venue is the perfect backdrop for your special day. We offer exclusive access and total privacy so you can have an intimate event with your loved ones. For more information about our estate and to book an appointment, call us at (905) 584-0955 or send us an e-mail at gina@cadoganfarm.com.

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